Splash of Color Tattoo & Piercing Studio has been setting the standard in professional tattoo & body piercing services in the greater Michigan area since 1989. We take great pride in providing stellar tattoo work, precise body piercing & excellent customer service – all performed in the cleanest, safest environment possible.

Our Tattoo Artists do not pierce & our Piercers do not tattoo. Each practitioner is highly dedicated to their chosen profession to ensure you get the best service possible.

Our diverse & talented staff of Tattoo Artists have more than 5 decades of combined professional tattoo experience. Each Artist has their own distinct style ranging from traditional, portraits, realism, graffiti, & color-bomb, to black and gray. Have your own idea for a tattoo? All of our artists specialize in custom work, so whether you’re looking for the simplest design or a full sleeve, we’re here to work with you & ensure you get the best tattoo possible!

For more info on tattoos, see our TATTOO FAQ

Our 3 amazing piercers have more than 40 years combined professional piercing experience. We perform a full range of professional piercing services from earlobes, ear cartilage, & nostrils – to surface anchors, septums, & advanced genital piercings. Our friendly & courteous piercing staff will answer all your questions & instruct you on the proper care for your new body piercing. We are also members of the Association of Professional Piercers. For more information on APP, please visit their website at www.safepiercing.org

Quality jewelry plays a HUGE part in the fast and proper healing of any body piercing. Splash of Color uses only the highest quality implant-grade steel, implant-grade titanium, & solid 14k and 18k gold body jewelry that is hand polished and made in the United States.

For more info on piercing & jewelry, see our PIERCING FAQ


Splash’s torch of ownership was passed from its originator & founder, Dennis Baker, to Kris Lachance in January 1997.  Kris has been the sole owner, operator & “Boss Lady” ever since.  She is a huge advocate, supporter, defender, & educator of safe working practices within the Body Art Industry.  She became an Authorized Outreach Instructor for OSHA General Industry in 1999 – specializing in Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control Education specifically for Tattoo Artists, Professional Piercers, Health Departments, & Health Care Professionals that interact with the Body Art Industry.

Kris serves as an active member in good standing of the Michigan Department of Community Health Body Art Committee; the Michigan Regulatory Waste Act Revision Committee; & the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Body Art Committee.  She is also a certified First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor; a Certified Laser Safety Officer; a Certified Laser Technician, & the owner of Safe Art Works.


It means that our clients will receive the HIGHEST STANDARD OF CLEANLINESS & SAFETY available anywhere, period.

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